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Our Hospital offers 24 hour pet emergency services and open 6 days a week.  This hospital is a LASER SURGERY CENTER, utilizing a laser scalpel for surgery and Companion LiteCure Laser for many types of  animal treatments. Our “in-house” laboratory is capable of performing blood analysis, fecal analysis, bacterial incubations, Stem Cell processing and much more for your pets. We also utilize outside laboratories to ensure we can perform any analysis for any ailment that is required. We are the first medical practice, of any kind and still the only veterinary practice, in Lincoln County offering Digital Radiographs and a MRI system. This allows for more detailed radiographic studies leading to increased quality of medical services provided to the client. Our hospital offers discounts for Seniors. Dr. Marion also serves in the United States Army Reserve and is proud to also offer discounts for the brave men and women who serve our country in the military. Please come in for a tour of our facility.


1784 US Highway 93 North

Eureka, MT 59917

email: vetinthecountry@gmail.com

Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5 pm

Saturday 9am to 4pm

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Every established client can use this portal - login is client email - first time user type in “password”.

Northwest Montana’s
Animal Care Hospital
Now Offering MRI Studies For Dogs & Cats

Offering Laser Technology

Laser Surgery For Pets

  1. -Incisions heal quicker, usually 3 to 4 days, instead of 7 to 10.

  2. -Cauterizes blood vessels to reduce bleeding

  3. -Cauterizes nerves for better pain relief

Laser Therapy

- Increases blood flow to areas

  1. -Reduces inflammation

  2. -Speeds healing of tendons, muscles, abscesses.

  3. -Treats arthritis without medicines and their side effects.

Stem Cell  & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


  1. -In House harvest and processing of patient derived Stem Cells.

  2. -For treatment of arthritis, tendonitis, any inflammatory condition.

  3. -Compassionate use treatments for many diseases

  4. - www.medivet-america.com

Canine & Feline Dental & Orthodontic

- Fractured tooth sealants- Salvages Cracked Teeth

  1. -Teeth bonding, crowns, etc.

  2. -Routine cleaning and polishing.

Allergy Testing &

Consulting For Pets

  1. -A blood test can help owners eliminate the cause of painful allergies.

  2. - Interdermal Skin testing is the Gold Standard for allergy testing

Our Wonderful



  1. -Dr. David Marion

Practice Manager

  1. -Debbie Marion

Office Manager

  1. -Elisabeth Joliff

Lead Nurse:

  1. -Megan McGill


  1. -Kayleena Doherty


  1. -Elisabeth Joliff

Kennel Care

  1. -Sammy Doherty

  2. -Beau Rosean

Orthopedic Surgery

  1. -Arthrex Tightrope

  2. -TTA Knee Surgery

  3. -Bone Plating

  4. -Fracture Repair

  5. -Hip Surgery

  6. -and more

Pet Store In Lobby

Wonderful assortment of Veterinary Over-the-Counter

Products as well a toys, leashes, collars, pet care and much more.

Member of:

  1. -AVMA - American Veterinary Medical Association.

  2. -Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society

Offering the use of American Express

Master Card

Visa & Discover


ALSO Debit Cards


New MRI with “Nurse Cricket” displaying just how comfortable

it is to sit on. A toy dog next to

Cricket shows placement of a pet

during a MRI scan study.

• Digital Radiographs
Laser Surgery
Laser Therapy
Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma Technology
Dental Care
TTA,  ACL Surgery
Tightrope, ACL Surgery
 Allergy Testing 

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Knee Surgery Consult

Office Phone Number:


or 1-406-889-5535

Toll Free From Canada:


Hospital Cell: Text & Photos Okay: 406-260-8961

ER Cell: Text & Photos Okay: 406-260-1454

  Fax: 406-297-7908

Fax if sending from computer:


Also visit our Pet/General Store located in the Veterinary Hospital

Payment Policy

    The Doctors and Staff of A Country Animal Hospital are dedicated to the task of caring for the health and well being of your pets. The objective is to provide the best equipment, attend the best continuing education classes/seminars/conventions and maintain the finest hospital we can. To meet this obligation, we must continually invest in new technologies, repair or replace existing equipment and constantly improve our knowledge base. The hospital must also maintain a large stock of inventory in preparation for any situation that comes about and finally we must meet our obligations to our suppliers.

       We are happy to provide a “Treatment Plan” (estimate) for any procedure we perform. This is a document that will outline the procedure and itemize the fees to the best of our current understanding of the situation. Treatment is not begun until approved by the owner on the Treatment Plan.

     Many times we are asked to “Quote” a price over the phone. While it is appreciated that in current economic times we all need to spend our money as wisely as possible. It is nearly impossible to give an good accurate  “quote” when we have not had the opportunity to actually visualize the patient ourselves. Many shoppers are calling around to get ideas of cost for services, but the information you cannot obtain by calling around is what the service includes, how the service is completed, what equipment is used or how well trained to doctors, nurses and support staff are. We feel strongly that it is important to understand all the above factors when making your medical decisions for your pets. Do services include electronic monitoring for anesthetized patients, is that monitor a 6 parameter EKG machine or simply an employee checking the patient every 5 to 10 minutes to see if it is still breathing? We just cannot provide the best possible estimate over the phone but certainly strive to give you the best figures we can.        

     We welcome and encourage you to come visit us. We are excited when able to show you our facility and meet our doctors, nurses and support staff. Get to know us and our standards. We are confident in our abilities and proud of our high standards and freely allow comparison. After getting to know us, we feel strongly you will understand that we are the finest veterinary provider in the region.

CareCredit Option Good For Pets As Well As Your Family -  Patient Payment Plan Options

Good for Veterinary, Family Dental, Eye Care, Hearing.

Go to www.carecredit.com to apply or call 800-365-8295

A Country Animal Hospital - 1784 Highway 93 North (Eureka, MT)

Just six (6) miles from the Canadian Border (Rooseville) on the LEFT just past Indian Springs Golf Course RV Park before Silverado Hotel

From Eureka - North of Eureka just past Silverado Hotel & Golf Course